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Please help to save Nucha from cancer - say Yes to Life
We are sure that you see many requests for this sort of help, but we hope that you will read this one with an open heart.

This web asks you to make a compassionate donation or loan to save Nucha.

We ask for your help in financing urgent medical treatment for Nucha’s cancer.

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Nucha has lung cancer.  She never smoked, but lived and worked in a highly polluted place and had an extremely hard and unhappy life.  She was diagnosed in September 2005 and suffered brain and liver metastases.  Over the past year Nucha’s resilience has buoyed her up through lung surgery, radiation and high-dose chemotherapy.  She has an extraordinarily brave spirit and breathes generosity from her heart.  Nucha is so young at 51; she is a university teacher and educational graphics designer.

We have discovered through cancer consultants, that the best treatments offering real hope now for Nucha are in Germany and in the UK.  These are unavailable in France, and not covered by our French medical insurance.  We have spent all our savings, utilized all family monies and have few assets left.  Every small loan or donation will help.

Nucha’s doctors support the treatments in Germany and UK.  Time is of the essence.  Nucha will surely die without this treatment.  Besides losing my heart, Nucha’s passing would be the loss of a rare kind of soul on the planet.  Her two daughters need her, her mother needs her.  You will be helping a wonderful and deserving person to progress towards recovery.  Your help will enable her to live.

Please look at the photos of Nucha and catch her before she falls.  To contribute, click here

Please help.  Nucha’s doctors, and especially her General Practitioner, have urged her to have the German and UK treatments* done now, before it is too late.  We have been assured by several leading international cancer consultants that these treatments are the best available for her current condition and that they should be done immediately.  (Our consultants and doctors would be willing to supply support letters.)  The treatments are Nucha’s last chance of recovery.  It would be tragic if, though lack of funding, she could not do these treatments, and continue her progress towards recovery.

* Treatments include:  (a) Dendritic & natural killer cell vaccines, and (b) holistic immune therapies:  These enhance the body’s natural defence mechanisms and help the immune system to recognise and attack cancer cells.  (c) Specialised immune enhancing, cancer-fighting medicines (via drip feed).

Families.  May we also add that this has been an emotional and heart-wrenching ordeal for us both.  Nucha has not seen her Thai family (sisters, parents, two daughters) in 1˝ years.  Last November, after a long battle in the hospital, her father passed away.  She had wanted so much to be able to see him before he died.  I have hardly been able to visit my own parents in the UK, who are extremely frail and in almost constant pain.  I have felt torn and guilty.  Nucha has generously wanted to go to the UK to help look after them, but she is, of course, unable.

A wonderful person:  Nucha has a heart of gold, greeting everyone with a smile from the heart.  Everyone who meets her adores her.  Nucha loves to help people, and she has decided that after her recovery, she will set up a foundation to help poor cancer patients in Thailand.  The above will give you some idea of how wonderful a person Nucha is, and how deserving she is.  If she is not treated, it will be a tragedy – for her, for her daughters and family – for everyone who loves her.  Please help.  Say Yes to Life.

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The money goes directly to a wonderful charity, called Yes to Life.
They will pay directly to the clinics that do the treatments.

You may also make a bank transfer or send a cheque.

For details, contact us directly: <saving DOT Nucha AT gmail DOT com>.

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Nucha's treatments

are urgent.

Money is time.

The more money, the more time Nucha has to live.

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